One week to official launch!

There’s been plenty of fine tuning going on to the HOA website. Already we are seeing new visitors coming to the site due to Google searches. We’ve also had a couple of new members already!

A suggestion that’s been made is to create a recommended trader section.  So if you’ve used somebody to conduct repairs/maintenance and feel others should know then this will be the place to make the recommendation.  I’ll be putting something together over the next few days.  In addition I’ll be looking to arrange discounts for HOA members with a variety of different vendors as time goes on.  Anyway, Updates applied to the site so far:

  • Site permissions now active, members area are for members only.
  • Technical articles submission is now up
  • “Contact us” is now separate from the “About Us” as it makes it easier to fit in a couple of other new features that will be coming soon to “About Us”
  • Forums, updated and tweaked in readiness


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