New H25.5 gallery picture “Lucy”

Hustler 25.5 owner John sent this great picture of his Hustler 25.5 Lucy.  Lucy is moored at Massachusetts, USA. John has owned her for about 5 years.


John said… “She has completed three Atlantic crossings before I acquired her.  She has also been down in the Caribbean and was in California years ago.  A much traveled Hustler 25.5.  She is now on her third mast having lost the second one off the Azores.  Double spreaders, double lower shrouds, etc.  Most heavy duty.  She has a lead keel and to get the same profile as with iron she has a 4 inch hardwood spacer above the lead top edge.

If you want to know more about Lucy please contact John via the Hustler 25.5 register (registered members only). I’m sure you’ll all agree a remarkable history and she looks great!

A high resolution image of Lucy can be viewed in the H25.5 gallery.

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