Happy New Year

I just thought I’d wish all HOA members a very Happy New Year!  2012 is going to see a lot of new features on the site.  Here’s a taster of some of the things I have planned for 2012:

  • More technical articles – I resume work on my Hustler 30 for the new season as I suspect most of you are. If any owners wish to contribute an article on anything you like regarding Hustlers just send me the text and any photos and I’ll add it all to the site
  • Further site enhancements such as members sailing blogs linked from the members register and from the main menu
  • Owners boat history. A lot of owners tell me some great stories about their boats when signing up I think it’d be really interesting for other owners to see that history I’ll also be looking to customise the feature so owners can also amend the story of their boats too
  • I’m writing to all the sailing press to let them know the HOA is alive and well. Hopefully we’ll see more new members joining as a result
  • I’m getting a number of flyers printed, I’ll be visiting as many Yacht Clubs and marinas as I can on my travels and pin our details on the boards (I travel a lot in my job)
  • The first HOA rally around the beginning of September – More details to come and discussion in the forum in a few weeks time

As usual I’m always after more photos, videos from all you members out there! The more I can get into the galleries the richer we all are as it helps give ideas to others.  Interior and Exterior shots are always appreciated.

So a lot to come during 2012 all we need now is the weather to co-operate for 2012 with balmy, breezy days to sail in :)

Fair winds to you all, here’s to 2012… Cheers!

One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Hi,like the sound of a Hustler rally,will look forward to hearing more about it soon !.Where is your home port ?.

  2. Arctura on April 24th, 2012 at 10:29 pm

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