2012 Sailing Season Is Here!

Things have been quiet around here as like the rest of you my heads down getting my Hustler ready for the 2012 season (Only four more weeks to launch!!).  I just thought I’d share with you a photo of work in progress the installation of new batteries, wiring and an advanced split charge diode namely the Sterling Pro Split R.
The article about the above, my challenges around the wiring for a Hustler 30 and the new sails and replacement boom/Barton boom strut combo will be coming in the next few weeks after I’ve launched.  That way I’ll know if it all works! :-)

Happy Easter everyone and a here’s to a successful launch to the 2012 season!

One thought on “2012 Sailing Season Is Here!

  1. hope launch goes well…

  2. eddiecrawford on April 20th, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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