The Dreaded Weather

When is this weather going to stop!!! I’ve heard the Jet Stream is going to move further North this weekend and then clear the UK by the end of next so finally there may be some respite! So far I’ve only had one good days sail (and what a sail it was too!).  I saw the Hustler 25.5 “Just So” looking resplendent cruising up and down the River Blackwater both of us too busy enjoying the sail to take photos of one another under sail :-) … Next time!

My apologies to you all for my slow response in responding to mails and the updates to the site.  It seems works decided to take advantage of me over the past few weeks.  However all cleared now and back to the important business of Hustlers for the summer!

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One thought on “The Dreaded Weather

  1. have been trying to sign up and access hoa site , i seem to be going around in circles .
    alan bailey – hustler 30 ariadne

  2. alan on November 18th, 2012 at 8:53 pm

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