Southampton Boat Show 2012 mini report

I hope people managed to take advantage of the discounted tickets.  Was at the boat show today and it was pretty quiet compared to previous years, talking to a few traders they all said peoples wallets were firmly in their pockets. It was nice to see a small but growing selection of British boats becoming more prevalent.  One such boat that caught my eye was the Stephen Jones designed Rustler 33.

A very nice boat, more a weekender than a cruiser so it was quite small below. However, the materials and craftsmanship looked pretty good from what I saw.


My jobs list for Hariette B this winter isn’t as big as the jobs list last year so I was on the look out for some replacement carpet sources, looking at the floors of the boats to see what veneers would suit my Hustler 30 and looking at alternatives to my current cockpit seats.  At present they are made from decking! I have no idea what the previous owner was thinking but it must be replaced this winter with something else.  I came across a company called Permateek.  They do a Teak replacement product but what’s different with these guys is they can also fabricate what appears to be solid blocks.


It looks pretty impressive and I think I’m going to use their product to replace my cockpit seats.

I’ve recently purchased a new stereo, the Fusion Marine RA-50. The mounting bracket I want although advertised by Fusion isn’t available in the UK yet so I was hoping to find a main dealer for more information. This was to no avail so I’ll be ordering the mount from the USA (This will also feature in an upcoming article). Other than that it was the usual great day out lots to see and do and it was great browsing around the other boats. I do enjoy looking around the boats for ideas around material combinations to use, new innovations and so on. If you’ve managed to get tickets check out the Oyster 725… lovely!

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