Summer and HOA Updates

Yes I’m still here! Things have been slow on the site due to two things… Work (lots :-( ) and sailing :-)! The summer has picked up and I’ve been out as much as I can (As I’m sure most of you have too).  Had an amazing site of seeing a Porpoise swimming next to the boat whilst at Anchor.  However all this results in not too many updates on the site during the season for which I can only apologise.

I’ve tested a lot of the upgrades on Hariette B so I will be able to write a much more thorough review of the new installs on HB.

There’s been a few site updates behind the scenes to keep things ticking over and one full recovery from a hack attempt!  I’ve also linked a new Facebook page where updates from the site will also appear simply add “Andy HOA” as a friend. Updates from the site will appear on your wall.

Here’s to the last ebbs of the Summer I hope everyone is having a great season.

Dusk at the Pyefleet Channel

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