The ebb of the season

The end of the season draws close
Sad times for all at the moment, yes it’s nearly the end of the season. I had my last sail in Hariette B over the weekend. I’ve now changed the oil and filters and she’s ready for lift out. We didn’t have much of a season but I’m hoping the rest of you, like me, had the best of the worst season in years!


A brilliant Rainbow appeared as we were getting Hariette B ready for winter

There’s a new article – Rewiring Part 1
The first of a five part article is on the site. This is the promised rewiring article. I’ve waited until now as I wanted to ensure that what I’ve done is tested and I can write from experience. This way you all know the kit and the approach I’ve taken works.

When we look at rewiring the first and most important piece of work is the planning! This article covers this aspect and I’ve also made available 3 files to download. These are; 1) A 12volt handbook eBook for those who have no idea about 12volt electrics, 2) The wiring diagram I put together for Hariette B and finally 3) The spreadsheet I used to calculate amps, battery requirements and voltage drop.
The article can be found here and the files here… Enjoy!

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