Winter, Starters & A New Article – Replacement Perspex Washboard

Well, as we are all aware winter is definitely here! I hope you have all had a safe layup with no problems. I covered my H30 with some Tarpaulin hoping to keep the decks that little bit more protected.

However, with the first strong winds the Tarp was shredded and the plastic bottles I’d filled with water to keep the tarp down went brittle with the cold. These were duly cracked open when they swinging in the wind. Needless to say I’ve given up on the tarpaulin cover!

Replacement Perspex Washboard
A massive thank you to Saltire of Clyde for submitting a small write up and some images of his very smart replacement Perspex Washboard. I need to replace my own Washboards and I’ve been in two minds around Perspex or Wood. Having seen Saltire’s results I’m leaning heavily towards Perspex! Confirmed HOA members can find the article here.


Starters and the Re-wire update
I was due to install the new stereo and write the article about it. However, I had another more pressing job which I promised Hariette B I would do. I also needed to change my starter motor for my Volvo Penta 2002 engine. The starter was getting worse towards the end of the season (sometime sticking and turning really sloooooooow). The last time it worked was due to a copious amount of cajoling, promises and prayer.

Hariette B rewarded me by starting the engine (very, very reluctantly) for one last time as long a I promised to sort the problem out as soon as I could. I made my promise and she started and got me home on our last end of season sail. So my first job has been to get the starter out and determine whether to go for a new one or rebuild. I’ve read some horror stories about cheap Chinese starter motors breaking up and wrecking engines. So I went for a total rebuild. All new Danish parts, brand new drive everything for £150 quid inc VAT.

However, when I took the starter off I noticed rust on the engine which was hidden away when I bought her. I can’t leave it like that so I’m in the middle of applying Fertan Rust prevention, then a couple of coats of TK line anti rust primer and finally some good old Volvo green. When that’s done I’ll resume with the stereo as I’ll need to connect all the batteries again when the Starter is in so I’ll combine this with the stereo install.

Hopefully I’ll have the new article in time for Xmas (Time, work, family and Xmas permitting :-))

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