Happy New Year !!!

It’s 2013 and we are only 4 months away from the sailing season starting again!!! Here’s hoping we have much better weather than we had last year. 2013 for the HOA means there’s going to be more articles and hopefully at least one Hustler event! Read on…

2013 Hustler Rally
I thought I’d have enough time to arrange one for 2012 but I simply ran out of time. However, 2013 will be different and I’m determined to hold something! So we have two possible locations East Coast (around the Blackwater) or South Coast (around Portsmouth). I’ve created a new topic area in the forums to discuss this further as I really want your views on where this is held, the time of year and the activities. Click here to access the forum area. Sorry but access is for members only so please login so you can see the members forum areas.

Special Offers for HOA members
The first of the special offers for HOA members is here. Wicormarine have a special offer for HOA members. They are offering money off a years berth on their pontoon moorings at Portsmouth Harbour. Please click here for the full details. This is for HOA members only so you’ll need to be logged in to see the page.

Stereo Install Article Coming Soon
Well I thought I’d have this sooner. However, a bad back swiftly followed by the Flu put paid to that plan. So, finally I’ve started work on installing Hariette B’s new stereo. The article will be coming soon. As usual it’s being done to a budget and I’m hoping what I’m putting in will give some ideas. For example I’ll be installing a speaker switch box to physically switch from cockpit to cabin speakers or if I’m really going for it all at once!

Stereo under construction

Should be up by the end of January, weather, work and well being allowing.

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