Update – Rewire Part 5 – Stereo Install

I’m back!
First let me apologise for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. Things have been pretty hectic in my job as work has just exploded and has simply consumed all my time. In between work and home I’m now getting Hariette B ready for launch in mid April. Whilst launched I’ll be able to enjoy the latest new addition to Hariette B and to the articles section…

Installing a New Stereo
Finally I’ve managed to write the long promised Installing a new stereo article! It’s now in the Articles section and completes the rewire series. Hopefully my experience will help you should you decide to fit a stereo and you won’t do what I did!… What did I do? Read the article to find out :-) As usual, articles are members only.

All the gear

New Stereo Installation

More Articles and Site Updates
More articles are incoming both around new cockpit seat/locker top installations. One of them is an excellent article from HOA member KevO on refurbishing the teak locker tops in the cockpit. The other from myself on a similar topic but replacing the locker tops with custom made panels made with Permateek. KevO’s article will be up next week. The other will be available when the weather clears and I can fit them :-)

In addition, I’ll be updating the articles area to a more efficient way of accessing them. The sub menus are getting too crowded with articles!! That’s a great position to be in for the HOA :-) There’s other general maintenance that will be happening too but you won’t notice any of that.

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