Finally, Spring is here!

Spring at last
Spring has finally arrived and I’m sure we’ve all been busy at the boatyard getting our Hustler’s ready for launch into the new season. The break in the cold weather allowed me to finally start and complete the replacement cockpit seat/locker lid project.

This has involved getting some custom made tops built and sent via a company called “Permateek” then removing the locker lids, remove the old wood and refitting. The before and after results are below (Whilst it was dry I also scrubbed clean and applied some Teak Oil to the Toerail and coachroof grab handles :-)).

New Cockpit Seats

As you can see a vast improvement and so much better to stand, sit and kneel on. The old garden decking that was used, whilst strong was supremely uncomfortable and just didn’t fit with a boat such as the Hustler! An article will appear in the next week or so outlining how I installed it, how much it cost and my experience with the different synthetic teak suppliers when researching this.

I wish everyone the best of luck with their refits and hopefully we’ll all be back in the water by the end of May! Come on summer, you owe us all fair winds and great sunshine after last year! :-)

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