Changes coming

Hello Everyone!

Things have been pretty quiet on here as I’ve been so busy with work over the past few months. It’s brilliant that I’ve been so busy with work and with the glorious weather we have had over summer if I wasn’t working I was sailing! As a result I’ve not been able to update as much as I would like.

I’ve been thinking about some changes to the site. At present it’s too much for me to maintain and juggle everything else around as the software I use just isn’t as automated as I would like nor does it give you the reader of this site the flexibility you need to share photos and open discussions about anything. As much as I’ve searched and tried alternatives it all feels a bit klunky in places.

In order to cater for this I’m going to rejig the site and introduce a Facebook group. The Facebook group is up and can be found here Once you are added to the group you should be able to create new posts, add/remove photos and just generally do things that aren’t possible with this site. The site will remain but I’m going to open it up a lot more and remove the registration element as I think it’s proving frustrating for some of you. Private messages etc. will still be possible via Facebook or directly via the site. The boat register will temporarily go offline until I can find an alternative way of maintaining a secure way of accessing.

So Thank you for being patient! I’m still here although very busy in the meantime give the Facebook group a try.


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