The HOA – Founded July 2011
The Hustler Owners Association was created due to the founder seeing there was no central place on the net for past, present and future owners of the Holman & Pye designed Hustler yachts. Whilst there were individual sites dedicated to a specific version there wasn’t anything stitching it all together.  As every Hustler is unique and has it’s own rich history.  The intention of this site is to try and provide a place where everyone can share their experience of owning and sailing these fantastic yachts. In addition provide a central information resource for people to draw on and use.

So all you owners out there, don’t be shy and help build the community no matter where you are in the world.  Get in touch, become a member and share your experience.

Hustler Owners Association – Who’s who

Andy – Founder, HOA editor and web designer

Since sailing on his first Hustler (Rhombus a Hustler 30) in April 2000 Andy has been smitten by the performance and looks of this wonderful yacht. Having sailed Leisure’s, Beneteau’s and Gibsea’s none could match the beauty and performance of that first Hustler. Having been tempted to buy a Hustler more than a few times Andy finally took the plunge and bought a Hustler 30. Having followed Hustlers coming on and off the market over the years it was clear that there was so little information about the Hustler yet a lot of respect for a very popular class. Now as an owner, Andy decided to do something about it and established the Hustler Owners Association.