Winter, Starters & A New Article – Replacement Perspex Washboard

Well, as we are all aware winter is definitely here! I hope you have all had a safe layup with no problems. I covered my H30 with some Tarpaulin hoping to keep the decks that little bit more protected.

However, with the first strong winds the Tarp was shredded and the plastic bottles I’d filled with water to keep the tarp down went brittle with the cold. These were duly cracked open when they swinging in the wind. Needless to say I’ve given up on the tarpaulin cover!

Replacement Perspex Washboard
A massive thank you to Saltire of Clyde for submitting a small write up and some images of his very smart replacement Perspex Washboard. I need to replace my own Washboards and I’ve been in two minds around Perspex or Wood. Having seen Saltire’s results I’m leaning heavily towards Perspex! Confirmed HOA members can find the article here.


Starters and the Re-wire update
I was due to install the new stereo and write the article about it. However, I had another more pressing job which I promised Hariette B I would do. I also needed to change my starter motor for my Volvo Penta 2002 engine. The starter was getting worse towards the end of the season (sometime sticking and turning really sloooooooow). The last time it worked was due to a copious amount of cajoling, promises and prayer.

Hariette B rewarded me by starting the engine (very, very reluctantly) for one last time as long a I promised to sort the problem out as soon as I could. I made my promise and she started and got me home on our last end of season sail. So my first job has been to get the starter out and determine whether to go for a new one or rebuild. I’ve read some horror stories about cheap Chinese starter motors breaking up and wrecking engines. So I went for a total rebuild. All new Danish parts, brand new drive everything for £150 quid inc VAT.

However, when I took the starter off I noticed rust on the engine which was hidden away when I bought her. I can’t leave it like that so I’m in the middle of applying Fertan Rust prevention, then a couple of coats of TK line anti rust primer and finally some good old Volvo green. When that’s done I’ll resume with the stereo as I’ll need to connect all the batteries again when the Starter is in so I’ll combine this with the stereo install.

Hopefully I’ll have the new article in time for Xmas (Time, work, family and Xmas permitting :-))

New article: Cockpit Hatch Replacement

A new article has been submitted by HOA member “Saltire of Clyde” around replacing the cockpit hatch to the engine space for the Hustler.  Saltire has a Hustler 30 but there’s no reason why this approach cannot be taken by any other Hustler owner if you need to replace the cockpit hatch.

It’s worth noting that Saltire’s solution appears to be much stronger than the off the shelf hatch replacements.  So sign in and check out the article by clicking this link.

Please remember that in order to see the articles you must be a confirmed member of the HOA. By contacting the administrators with details about your boat for the register.  After that access will be granted.

June Update – New Article: Auto Bilge Pump fitting

It’s been quiet over the past few weeks on the HOA as I’ve been extremely busy with work as well as fitting out Harriet B ready for the season.  So far I’ve completed the following in June:

  • Fitted a Sterling Pro-Split R advanced charge diode
  • Re-Run 80% of the wiring, installed/secured new batteries, additional switch panel and fitted a NASA BM1 battery monitor
  • Fitted a small Solar Panel battery maintenance/charger
  • Fitted an Automatic Bilge Pump
  • Fitted a Barton Boom Strut
  • Had new loose footed main sail, stack pack and spray hood made
  • Ran all lines aft and fitted new Barton Clutches
  • Replaced anchor with a new Lewmar Delta

All the above will have articles with them as I’ve photographed the installation and I’ll be sharing my experience.  The first is the automatic bilge pump and the link to the article for registered users can be found here (Don’t forget to sign in first to see it!).

The other articles will be published in the next week or three (work/sailing allowing) along with a wiring diagram of my Hustler 30. I still need to shake down some of the above so I’ll be in a better place to share my experience (So far though the Pro SplitR is brilliant!).

At present the wind is howling and it’s most definitely not June weather so some articles may come sooner!

Fair winds everyone and may your jobs list on board be complete!

New article on water tanks now available

My experience installing new water flexible water tanks into the Hustlers existing moulded FRP tanks is now up.  This article is for full members only so please remember to login before clicking on the link here to see the article.

Next articles will tackle electrics! This will be in a number of parts as this job on Harriet B is pretty big. I have to strip out everything and start from scratch :o

As always if you have any articles you think other HOA members would be interested in reading let me know or send them to me as a word doc along with any pictures and I’ll add them to the articles section.

New H25.5 gallery picture “Lucy”

Hustler 25.5 owner John sent this great picture of his Hustler 25.5 Lucy.  Lucy is moored at Massachusetts, USA. John has owned her for about 5 years.


John said… “She has completed three Atlantic crossings before I acquired her.  She has also been down in the Caribbean and was in California years ago.  A much traveled Hustler 25.5.  She is now on her third mast having lost the second one off the Azores.  Double spreaders, double lower shrouds, etc.  Most heavy duty.  She has a lead keel and to get the same profile as with iron she has a 4 inch hardwood spacer above the lead top edge.

If you want to know more about Lucy please contact John via the Hustler 25.5 register (registered members only). I’m sure you’ll all agree a remarkable history and she looks great!

A high resolution image of Lucy can be viewed in the H25.5 gallery.

Rhombus and Alfine

As Autumn sweeps in and we turn our thoughts to wintering our boats many thanks to HOA Miura for sending this picture to remind us of the season. This is a picture of the Hustler 30 Rhombus and Hustler 25.5 Alfine off Stone Point at the Walton Backwaters during the Indian Summer of 2011.

For the full Hi-Res image check out the Hustler 30 gallery. If you have any photo of your boat that you think other members would be interested in.  Send them via the “Contact Us” form and I’ll add them to the Gallery.

Hustler 25.5 images and Quick Polls

Many thanks go to HOA member Peter for some great Images of his Hustler 25.5 Thistle.


There’s more great pictures of Thistle under sail in the Hustler 25.5 gallery.  I’ve also made one of the images a banner for the HOA too!  Thanks for sharing with everyone Peter!

I’ve also added some more functionality to the site. I’ve added a quick polls facility to the HOA site.  Nothing scientific these are just questions that members may be wondering e.g. What anchor does everyone use? If you have a topic you want a Poll about let me know and I’ll add the Poll. You’ll find the Poll appearing in the side menu bars.