Changes coming

Hello Everyone!

Things have been pretty quiet on here as I’ve been so busy with work over the past few months. It’s brilliant that I’ve been so busy with work and with the glorious weather we have had over summer if I wasn’t working I was sailing! As a result I’ve not been able to update as much as I would like.

I’ve been thinking about some changes to the site. At present it’s too much for me to maintain and juggle everything else around as the software I use just isn’t as automated as I would like nor does it give you the reader of this site the flexibility you need to share photos and open discussions about anything. As much as I’ve searched and tried alternatives it all feels a bit klunky in places.

In order to cater for this I’m going to rejig the site and introduce a Facebook group. The Facebook group is up and can be found here Once you are added to the group you should be able to create new posts, add/remove photos and just generally do things that aren’t possible with this site. The site will remain but I’m going to open it up a lot more and remove the registration element as I think it’s proving frustrating for some of you. Private messages etc. will still be possible via Facebook or directly via the site. The boat register will temporarily go offline until I can find an alternative way of maintaining a secure way of accessing.

So Thank you for being patient! I’m still here although very busy in the meantime give the Facebook group a try.


Contact form bug fixed!


Now fixed a bug where the contact us form was not passing the email address of anyone who wanted to contact the HOA. I’ve now fixed this. If anyone has submitted a request to join please send your request again so I can see your email address and respond accordingly.

My apologies!


Site Update – Galleries Changed!

Site Tidy Up
There’s been a few changes on the site especially in the galleries. I’ve installed a new gallery module that improves the old klunky one we had on here. Now the galleries are swipe enabled for tablet devices (you swipe the film strip and tap the images to view), auto size the images that are uploaded and gives a LOT more clarity to the images. If you look at the galleries now, especially the Rally 2002 it’s a lot nicer. As always if you have any high res images of your Hustler send them to us and I’ll post them up.
In addition, I’ve also updated the site to tidy up the headers as some were larger others not.

New Stereo Installed
Finally after a few weeks delay the job is complete and I’ll have the article written ready for next weekend.

Rewire Part 2 is now available

The article about my experience rewiring my Hustler 30 Hariette B continues. This time it’s all about the tools/materials used, the rewire and how I approached it and finally the battery placement/installation.

Part 3 will be next week. In the meantime feel free to click on the links below.

Rewire Part 1 – Considerations and Planning

Rewire Part 2 – The Tools, Rewire and Battery installation

Rewire Part 3 – Installing a Sterling Pro Split-R

Rewire Part 4 – Installing a Solar Charger

Rewire Part 5 – Installing a new Stereo

If anyone has any questions about any of the items covered in the articles ask away or better still create a forum topic!

Note: These articles are for registered, confirmed HOA members only. If you own a Hustler and wish to be a member join up and submit your boat details to the HOA!

Site maintenance


Have adjusted some of the pages and menus to make it easier to find articles. Also the full Facebook integration was just slowing everything down so that’s been switched off.

Summer and HOA Updates

Yes I’m still here! Things have been slow on the site due to two things… Work (lots :-( ) and sailing :-)! The summer has picked up and I’ve been out as much as I can (As I’m sure most of you have too).  Had an amazing site of seeing a Porpoise swimming next to the boat whilst at Anchor.  However all this results in not too many updates on the site during the season for which I can only apologise.

I’ve tested a lot of the upgrades on Hariette B so I will be able to write a much more thorough review of the new installs on HB.

There’s been a few site updates behind the scenes to keep things ticking over and one full recovery from a hack attempt!  I’ve also linked a new Facebook page where updates from the site will also appear simply add “Andy HOA” as a friend. Updates from the site will appear on your wall.

Here’s to the last ebbs of the Summer I hope everyone is having a great season.

Dusk at the Pyefleet Channel

2012 Sailing Season Is Here!

Things have been quiet around here as like the rest of you my heads down getting my Hustler ready for the 2012 season (Only four more weeks to launch!!).  I just thought I’d share with you a photo of work in progress the installation of new batteries, wiring and an advanced split charge diode namely the Sterling Pro Split R.
The article about the above, my challenges around the wiring for a Hustler 30 and the new sails and replacement boom/Barton boom strut combo will be coming in the next few weeks after I’ve launched.  That way I’ll know if it all works! :-)

Happy Easter everyone and a here’s to a successful launch to the 2012 season!

New article on water tanks now available

My experience installing new water flexible water tanks into the Hustlers existing moulded FRP tanks is now up.  This article is for full members only so please remember to login before clicking on the link here to see the article.

Next articles will tackle electrics! This will be in a number of parts as this job on Harriet B is pretty big. I have to strip out everything and start from scratch :o

As always if you have any articles you think other HOA members would be interested in reading let me know or send them to me as a word doc along with any pictures and I’ll add them to the articles section.

March Update – H30 Cutter Rig Photos

New Article on the way
It’s been quiet lately as I’ve been busy getting my Hustler 30 for the new season.  One of the first major jobs is nearly complete. That’s the replacing tanks, pipes and running new pipes throughout my Hustler 30 “Harriet B”.  An article will be coming within the next week describing the experience!

Three New Photos In The Gallery
New HOA member Arctura very kindly updated 3 images of his lovely looking 1972 H30 “Arctura” click on any of the thumbnails below for the full image or visit the H30 gallery.  One thing to note about Arctura that’s quite unusual is she appears to have an additional furling headsail (see the second picture).

*Update* – Arctura contacted me to let me know that his H30 actually had the Cutter rig installed prior to his obtaining her.  According to Arctura she handles beautifully with this rig.

Many thanks for sharing Arctura!