Technical Articles

The technical articles area is for any owners to record and share their hard work with other Hustler owners. As we all know there are a myriad of jobs that need to be done to maintain our yachts in top condition. 

Technical Articles covering boat exteriors
Technical Articles covering boat interiors

If you’ve done some work to your yacht and feel it would be useful to share with other Hustler owners then submit an article.

Any kind of upgrade experience would be appreciated as there are many different skill levels amongst owners what’s easy to some isn’t for others. 

How to share and upload articles

In order to maintain the look and feel of the site the HOA will create and code where required the article page for HOA members.  All you need to do as a member is upload any text describing your repair/upgrade process and any photos by filling in the form below and attaching the relevant files.

With regards to photos it would be helpful if the photos were named step 1 for step 1 of the process and so on.  It helps the HOA stitch it all together easier :-)

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