Technical Article: #013

Title: Cockpit Hatch Replacement
Date Added: 2nd December 2012
Article Author: Phillip
Hustler 30 – Saltire Of Clyde

Saltire Of Clydes New Washboard

When I bought Saltire her previous owner had “lost” her washboards and although he thought he knew where they might have been he was unable to find them. As a stop gap he had made a replacement out of old bits of wood that I covered in polythene but although they had worked well a replacement was required. I decided that instead of sourcing material and fabricating either a wooden or perspex replacement myself I would splash the cash and approach a local manufacturer who had come highly recommended.

Having been very impressed with the quality and selection of colours shown as samples I settled for what was to be the finished article. A one piece (you can have more than one piece if you wish) Perspex with a very dark (almost black) laminate with the lock and stainless vent (which I supplied) fitted. As you can see from the photos below the results are excellent.




The cost was “very, very expensive” but the finish was superb and wouldn’t look out of place on a top end luxury yacht. The washboard when in place looks black and acts to give you more privacy whilst the light in the cabin is superb.

If you wish to know more about Saltire of Clydes Washboard project and how they have fared over the season you can contact him via the user to user messages.

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