Technical Article: #006
Title: Painting a New Boot Top for H30

Date Added: 6th May

Article Author: Andy
Boat: Hustler 30 – Hariette B
Job Time: Around 2 hours


Having acquired Hariette B in July 2011 she was stripped of old Anti-Foul. All that remained was an uneven line where the Boot Top was. So I thought I’d capture what the Boot Top dimensions were for a Hustler 30 – Dinette Layout.

What’s a Boot Top?

The Boot Top is the painted line that shows how your boat sits in the water also known as the waterline. It’s the line between your boats bare GRP and Anti-Foul. The line is usually painted with a stronger Anti-Foul than the normal below water Anti-Foul as the waterline is where you get the constant scum that floats on the water staining your GRP. The Boot Top helps to prevent that. It’s important to note that the forward and aft ends of a Boot Top are wider as this is in proportion of how the boat moves through the water.

Some people paint, some people have been known to use Vinyl stripes. I’ve gone with a hard racing Anti-Foul for mine (Hempel Hard Racing BootTop 375 ml – Ultimate White £16.75). As I’ve got a Blue hull I also opted for a lighter colour. In my opinion for Hariette B it looks nice but there’s a high chance it’ll stain so we’ll see how things go this season.

The Boot Top Dimensions for a Hustler 30

These are the measurements I took from the old Boot Top where the bare GRP met the Anti-Foul.

The width of the Boot Top is measured from the bare to GRP to where you expect your underwater Anti-Foul to begin.

Position on HullMeasurement from bare GRP
2 metres14.5cm
3 metres13cm
4 metres11.5cm
5 metres11.5cm
6 metres11.5cm
7 metres13cm
8 metres14.5cm

These may also work for other Hustlers. If any owners have different Boot Top measurements send them on and I’ll include them.

Marking the Boot Top

This is quite a straight forward process if you have the dimensions to hand.

1) To use the measurements I measured from where the bare GRP met the Anti-Foul and marked where 28cm was on the bow. Then along each side along the hull at metre intervals I measured and marked the thickness of the Boot Top line with a dash. This was so I could use the dash lines for the masking tape to follow.

2) After marking and measuring both sides of the Hull I applied the masking tape along all the dash lines I had created at metre intervals (This is the bottom of the Boot Top line) and masked off the bare GRP (This is the top of the Boot Top line).This shows me the Boot Top area I need to paint.

3) Next it was simply a case of painting in between the two masked off areas (The bare GRP and where I measured and taped the dashes for the bottom of the Boot Top). As soon as you’ve painted the Boot Top I recommend removing the masking tape immediately as when the paint hardens you may get flakes when you remove the tape.

Below is the finished result.

Hariette B Boot Top
Hustler 30 Hariette B with completed Boot Top

Hariette B Boot Top
Hustler 30 Hariette B with completed Boot Top and Hempel Cruising Performer Antifoul 2.5L (Sovereign Blue) applied


HOA NOTE: The article above is related to works that the author has carried out to their own boat at their own risk. This article is intended to share the authors experience with other readers only. It is not intended to be a comprehensive step by step instruction guide. Anyone choosing to do any work as a result of reading this article do so at their own risk. If there is any doubt about whether to conduct work on your own boat call a professional to assist.