The Hustler 30
The Hustler 30 began as a one design for the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club. It is believed four were eventually built for the RYYC. However, it soon became apparent that not only were these boats a great racer but also an excellent cruiser too.

The Hustler 30 was developed in 1969 from the Hustler 28, a wooden boat with a transom-hung rudder. There were two versions, the Hustler 30 and the Hustler 30 XM. The XM had a deeper keel drawing 1.68m (5ft 6in). The XM was primarily for racing as weight was reduced by leaving out essentials such as water tanks from the hull moulding and built with very sparse interiors.

The non XM version of the Hustler 30 had a choice of layout: with two pilot berths for offshore passage-making, or a dinette arrangement for more family-orientated sailors.

Whilst the Dinette version offered more comfort levels the Offshore version of the H30 typically had the more spartan interior. However, this was offset by the Offshore version usually having the deeper keel of the XM and thus pointed to windward slightly better than the dinette version (although this also depends on the skill of skipper and crew!).

One thing all versions of the Hustler are well known for is it’s ability to cope with all weather conditions. The Hustler 30 is well balanced, always forgiving of user error and handles well in strong winds. They can more than hold their own against today’s modern yachts. Winner of Cockpit of the year at the Earls Court boat show in 1971 (no, seriously!) it’s easy to see why, everything just falls to hand nicely in the deep cockpit.

With great looks, strong quality build, ease of handling, excellent performance and at a great price. The Hustler 30 is a true classic and represent excellent value.

It is believed there were a total of 84 Hustler 30’s built, the last hustler was built in 1976.

Hustler 30 specification

Designer:Holman & Pye
Builder:Hull by Tylers, fitted out at Landamores UK.
Some were home completion.
Length Over All (LOA):30.00' / 9.14m
Length Water Line (LWL):22.67' / 6.91m
Beam:9.16' / 2.79m
Draft Shoal:
Draft Deep:
4.82' / 1.47m
5.6' / 1.70m
Sail Area:417 sq ft
Mast Height:33.30'/10.15m
Rig Type:Masthead Sloop
Displacement:9590 lbs./ 4350 kgs
Ballast:4537 lbs. / 2058 kgs
Keel Type:Fin
Water Tanks Offshore:
Water Tanks Dinette:
Water Tanks XM:
2 x77 litres side tanks
1 x54 litres and 1 x 145 litres
No tanks
Engine:R.C.A Dolphin or Volvo Penta MD6A
or BUKH DV10
Price Guide:Depending on condition £10000-£17000

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